Thursday, November 09, 2006

Biotechnology: Sea water to Drinking water - Not Blackmagic anymore!

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UCLA scientists, and this article are reporting some interesting research results. We now have a method which is cost effective, and produces better results. It is a little heartening to know that the UN is paying a lot of attention to our water problems. And, so is renewed interest in the US helping a little.

Israel is in the forefront of this research, and it might prove helpful for the world if some of the rich middle east countries also got into some of the action.

However, is that the holy grail of fixing our water problems? What about technologies that capture rain water, and preserve it? What about less wasteful expenditure of water, afforestation, rain water harvesting and so on?

How about recycling waste water?

Water should be a well planned and distributed resource, as I am not sure the same knee jerk reactions we have been giving to our other problems will help us fix any impending water crisis..

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