Monday, October 02, 2006

Medical Tourism has a new enemy....

Okay, first off, this post has been stolen blatantly from Fierce Healthcare ( What to do? The issue they brought to attention is so important, I cant just keep myself from posting.

So click on the title and read how a union prevented a happy medical honeymoon for an injured guy and his company trying to lower healthcare costs by shipping him to India plus awarding him a two day trip.

Now, where will all this end?

Adding to the existing outrage over increasing healthcare costs, how will healthcare companies hold out in justifying these heavy expenses?

Yes, there was this emotional article by a guy on NYTimes rambling about how everything is justified. I don't think the guys who are shelling the price feel that way who is going to be responsible for all the explanations and the midwifery?

Oh by the way, another link by FierceHealthCare (Thanks Guys!)where a Miami Hospital is trying to pull off an India (if you know what I mean!)..

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