Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How much Hydrochloric Acid is produced in the stomach?

A friend put me to test over this. A little detective work produced a lot of reading. Here are the final answers to this problem:

1. "During a meal, secretion of gastric juices (containing HCl and pepsinogen) increases from a few mL / hour (the usual values between meals) to almost 1.5 L."

Reference: http://www2.ufp.pt/~pedros/qfisio/digestion.htm

2. "GASTRIC JUICE is produced at the rate of 1500 ml/day composed of 5600 mg. HCL, 1120 mg. Potassium Chloride and 175 mg. Sodium Chloride."

Reference: http://www.e-caps.com/za/ECP?PAGE=ARTICLE&ARTICLE.ID=298

While we are at it, how about this:

"Does the heart stop when we sneeze?"

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Padma Iyenghar said...

Thanks Srihari for the explanation. Some more questions:

a) Does any organ stop functioning momentarily,when we sneeze

b) What is the pressure of air coming out of the noze when we sneeze

I have forgotten the other questions, will post them when I remember.

Yes, the only thing left to do is Lemon and Spoon competition