Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Do any of my organs stop functioning when I sneeze?

This was posted by Padma, on my comments from yesterday's comments.

Interestingly, our eyes close every time we sneeze. The attributed reason is that the nasal nerves and occular nerves are very close to each other. So when the nose gets the trigger to sneeze, the eyes close. Another reason is that our eyes might close to protect tears, and also prevent bacteria from entering the eyes.

Not everyone has their eyes shut off, and some can even train and control themselves from falling prey to this reflex.

Hence it is quite possible that the function of the eyes closing might just have been an evolutionary slip.

And no, your heart doesn't stop when you sneeze. So you can go ahead and Bless the offending sneezers. Make sure your sneezing friends are not Japanese though! They don't like the "weakness" noticed!!!

While I try to think of other questions, why do some people sneeze when they look at the Sun directly?

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