Friday, July 21, 2006

Stem Cells from Teeth: A belief system is fine, but ethics, please?!!!

So, what ticks me off, is this company has declared that its dental stem cell product is an "ethical" alternative to embryonic stem cells.

This is morbid, if short of nothing else.

So, this is a start up company, carefully named "BioEden" for those who want to separate the Bio from medical companies and look beyond, this is quite indicative.

Excuse me, a current President of the United states, with support from just barely above 33% of his Senate, and definitely less than half his country (who by the way, probably have never been fully educated on the current standards of "ethics") feels its unethical.

I am not questioning Mr. Bush's right to use a strange "veto" tool, handed to a man to do whatever he likes in a "democratic" government.

But who, ever gave you the right to promulgate teeth as an ethical alternative to embryonic stem cell research?

I like the idea of living in hope, so I don't care if people stored every living portion of their body in a freezer. In fact, I hope they do. We never know where our stem cells would come from.

I really appreciate that part of your approach at about $600 + whatever a year, to store frozen teeth...but please, oh please don't do the "Ethics" merry - go - round.

Its unethical to run business that way!

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