Thursday, July 06, 2006

ABC Australia - A mysterious disaster in the making?

Science and Medicine are equated to Religion sometimes, in terms of the amount of strength people can derive by believing in either.

However, there are perplexities that cannot be explained.

How do we explain the high incidence of breast cancer in the Marin county?

How do we explain the high incidence of cancer in Long Island? A recent study came back with no findings or obvious smoke signs!

How do we explain the tragedy at the Australian news room?

This sad quiz is a test to our abilities in understanding the origin of diseases. It is also a measure of the reliability of our current state of affairs with regards to science, technology and medicine.

However, there is hope. I was at an EMBS lecture, here at the Bay Area Local Chapter and there was a good talk from a local organization, the EPRI, that examined purported links between EMF and cancers.

They now think that the link might not be EMF from power lines, but from a small ground built into US homes since the early 1900s!

Of course this is not proof, or the results are not conclusive, but they sure persuade us to look beyond the common causes, and technologies that look like sitting ducks...

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