Friday, May 26, 2006

Become Invisible - Exciting Possibilities for Research

What would you do if you could become invisible? While the pathopsychological investigations of this hypothetical situation might produce some interesting results, the problem of becoming invisible itself does not seem like science fiction anymore.

What used to be science fiction a few years ago, is creeping into reality. So why not try and dream up more and more science fiction, so that someone sits down and creates the reality portion of it.

Of interest to me, personally, is the mathematical and physics aspects that could lead to these proofs. Of course materials research needs to go in deep before such cloaks become thin enough that someone could actually wear them, and less, still, throw them around.

While the military aspect is quite inviting, there are other uses that could warrant an invisible cloak. Once made, who is going to regulate this industry?

So many questions, and so few answers. Maybe someone could write a book about all this.

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