Friday, March 31, 2006

So, who is right? Will I, or will I not get a tumor if I talk to my girlfriend tonight?

How can research be so full of Yin - Yang nowadays?

If you follow news closely, you will find out that while coffee can cure diabetes, it can also cause it, food is good and bad, everything is high and low, and finally cellphones do cancer, and then they don't....

So, where do we go from here? Who do we trust? Do we stop all forms of mobile communication?

I would say the last thing is the smartest thing to do. The cell phone is a security encroachment, and a social encroachment at the best. Last year, I was driving around showing five people who were friends, what was around town. They were all on their cell phones all the time. It made me wonder when they got time to become friends!

And then there are the stupid people yodeling into their phones on the freeway.

All this makes me think, well, maybe we should just stop using cell phones at all.

But coming back to the research, it is disturbing that a community that dubs itself "scientific" cannot come to a good conclusion on whether or not we need these horrible devices. It might atleast be good news for answering machine resellers, if that brand of people had ever walked this Earth.

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