Friday, March 24, 2006

Is banning abortion, a major health care risk?

[Link to Medical News Today copy of Kaiser's article]

We first heard of this in freakanomics. Now we hear it from Latin America. Will banning abortions become such a major health risk one day, when the Supreme Court's views on this might not be important anymore? Should such a painful lesson be learnt in such an excruciating manner.

There also seems to be evidence in the need for further human evolution as a social animal, since the effort to control other people's choices still seems to be genetically ingrained in the seemingly most advanced animal on planet Earth.

We should watch for more warnings from health care, and social work experts on issues pertaining to the repurcussions from banning abortions. Imagine the expenses that such actions would run into - not the pecuniary expenses, which would be a case by themselves, but, expenses such as impact on women's health, self esteem, and so on...

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