Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Insured Health Care -- An annoyance or a permanent issue for the US?

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This incident with Blue Cross is not isolated. Insurance fraud comes from two end, and it is apparent that it hurts more when it comes from the corporate end. It is ridiculous the guy claims, "Watch out for fraud, or all our rates go up."

This was a case where the people who are suing, seem to be normal everyday people. They would not push everyone's rates up.

Also, it becomes evident that the health care system in the US is very faulty, in that it does not provide respite for anyone with strange and expensive diseases. They just have to wait, suffer and die.

This is unbecoming of a rich or "developed" nation. Everything is in the clutches of the insurance companies - the doctors, the devices, the drugs, the diseases that can be treated, who is name a few.

Looks like the government has absolved itself of all responsibility in regulating insurance, in covering people who cannot cover themselves, or in examining affordable healthcare for all.

What would be the use of a country if its general population started running bills into millions of dollars one day? Who is thinking about all this?

These are the kind of questions that countries that are still developing need to cogitate and address before they rush in to model their own health care system based on a severely flawed one....

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