Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Biobank: UK's world's largest genetic database project

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A robotic controlled facility - the first thing that caught my eye!

The second thing was the decades of years to take up the analysis!!

And then the humongous statistical and data mining challenges the project presents!!!

And, that it is seemingly a well funded project!!!!

In summary, there are several intertwined complexities that surrounds this project, but it does go to satiate the minds of those who have always thought that such projects are possible and can possibly help answer multitudes of questions sequentially, and simultaneously, as and when tools to collect and analyze such data become available.

The project may or may not succeed in the short term, but in the long run, one does realize it will either become a vast resource for data, or "how to do it better next time"

Eitherway, looking at the genetic code alone, and that of a few people will never fully explain how a disease, or a collection of diseases evolve over time.

I wish the experiment all the best of luck!

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