Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes, too much water is poison, too!

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It almost seems like life is a landmine and we just walk through it until we put the foot in the wrong place.

This is an interesting article. Especially the parts where it explains how the brain cells have zero space to expand into.

If people's brains were so full, is it a problem of lack of space that most of them are unable to use theirs?

Moral of the Story: If you want a Wii, buy one.....

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So, the aspartame debate is back....sort of

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To aspartame or not aspartame? That is the question. The thin line differentiating two possible answers is the stage at which they kill the lab rats, I mean literally.

Commonly accepted tests that have rendered aspartame safe in government opinions have apparently been killing off the rats at 2 years. Probably, because the labs did not have sufficient funds to keep the rats alive..

The Italians seem to be well funded in that they doubled the dose and killed the rats and are now yelling, "Bloody Aspartame!"

Only one problem: Immediately following this post, I will post another message that says too much water can kill too....

So which one's your poison pill?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Male Circumcision rates fall in the US...

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This is an interesting article, that updates some of the societal reasons and scientific publications that surround the debate on male circumcision rates in the United States.

While I do not wish to comment on the societal aspects or the human rights aspects, it would be interesting to see follow up scientifically designed, objective studies on the following three aspects:

1. The relationship between circumcision and HIV Infection

2. The relationship between circumcision and penile cancer

3. The relationship between circumcision, non - circumcision and general genital hygiene

I think the results of the three studies will allow a clear picture to emerge...

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