Friday, September 29, 2006

Gray Davis is not the only one who fears a "recall"

So, if you use a different word, people will suddenly gain confidence in these malfunctioning devices?

What will restore confidence is legally punishing people who deliberately hide information about the safety of their devices.

What will restore confidence is published data that suggests progressive reduction in the amount and number of device malfunctions.

What will eventually restore confidence is sound engineering and medicine practices.

Not word - play.

Maybe the Heart Rhythm Association is out of "rhythm" with what restores confidence in people.

Yes word play is sometimes child's play.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Space Age Surgery - I don't get something...

How long will space age travel be restricted to zero gravity?

Would people in a colony in moon, or in space want to live for long time in a zero gravity environment?

How many of these ships will be equipped with doctors?

And I am still not opposed to the plan, except some of the reasoning applied to defend this million pound experiment doesn't make sense to me.

But science must progress, and maybe we will learn some useful lessons.

Monday, September 25, 2006

RFID, FDA, Pharma Manufacturers, Lawyers...and you?!!


(Requires extensively painful steps in registration and downloading)

The summary: Pharma industry in the US will not do anything unless they are regulated. A sound example of what too much external regulation can do.

The FDA, will take the maximum possible time to achieve anything of any significance. Maybe Congress should intervene with every step of what the FDA does. Maybe Congress should run the FDA, but that would be political!

Websites in the RFID Industry are built by the descendants of those who created Henry's Maze.