Friday, July 28, 2006

Are you a bioresearcher?

Depending upon your answer to this question to yourself, and the true honesty of the answer, we would be able to judge if you need to subscribe to Fierce Bioresearcher or not. Touted as a publication for drug developers - atleast in its tag line, the newsletter has some interesting and intriguing articles.

An addition to the long list that you probably receive if you are like me, but definitely worth a try!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Stem Cells from Teeth: A belief system is fine, but ethics, please?!!!

So, what ticks me off, is this company has declared that its dental stem cell product is an "ethical" alternative to embryonic stem cells.

This is morbid, if short of nothing else.

So, this is a start up company, carefully named "BioEden" for those who want to separate the Bio from medical companies and look beyond, this is quite indicative.

Excuse me, a current President of the United states, with support from just barely above 33% of his Senate, and definitely less than half his country (who by the way, probably have never been fully educated on the current standards of "ethics") feels its unethical.

I am not questioning Mr. Bush's right to use a strange "veto" tool, handed to a man to do whatever he likes in a "democratic" government.

But who, ever gave you the right to promulgate teeth as an ethical alternative to embryonic stem cell research?

I like the idea of living in hope, so I don't care if people stored every living portion of their body in a freezer. In fact, I hope they do. We never know where our stem cells would come from.

I really appreciate that part of your approach at about $600 + whatever a year, to store frozen teeth...but please, oh please don't do the "Ethics" merry - go - round.

Its unethical to run business that way!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today's Tip: Learn 3D modeling on the web, and do it too...

Google has had this tool called SketchUp, which is available both as a free version, and as a professional download package.

Both tools have varying levels of ease with which you can create conceptual design.

For someone getting started with their own mock - ups and concepts, this should be quite good if they feel comfortable with it. I have found that usually the problem I have with CAD tools is the amount of comfort I feel when I am around, using them.

So this tool may or may not be for you, and it is probably not for everyone, but is worth a try.

You can find a lot of detail about the products on the link (Click on Title).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Miscommunicating - The leading cause for death of new borns in the US!

It was with shock that I discovered this to be the case. And then I realized, that it makes sense. How much training do you need to undergo, before you know everything there is to know, about delivery? And if you consider how the results of studies and best practices can be transferred to rural and remote hospitals, you have a splitting headache!

I do hope this solution works out.

This is also the reason why we need computers with AI - bots, that undergo virtual training and accumalate as much knowledge as possible from case notes, and publications, and other multiple resources fed across the internet. One day, a midwife/RN in trouble might just be able to consult the computer, that would give you an answer of what was done in Ohio, or Kansas, or....

Thursday, July 06, 2006

ABC Australia - A mysterious disaster in the making?

Science and Medicine are equated to Religion sometimes, in terms of the amount of strength people can derive by believing in either.

However, there are perplexities that cannot be explained.

How do we explain the high incidence of breast cancer in the Marin county?

How do we explain the high incidence of cancer in Long Island? A recent study came back with no findings or obvious smoke signs!

How do we explain the tragedy at the Australian news room?

This sad quiz is a test to our abilities in understanding the origin of diseases. It is also a measure of the reliability of our current state of affairs with regards to science, technology and medicine.

However, there is hope. I was at an EMBS lecture, here at the Bay Area Local Chapter and there was a good talk from a local organization, the EPRI, that examined purported links between EMF and cancers.

They now think that the link might not be EMF from power lines, but from a small ground built into US homes since the early 1900s!

Of course this is not proof, or the results are not conclusive, but they sure persuade us to look beyond the common causes, and technologies that look like sitting ducks...