Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Medicine makes progress: A triple transplant!

Medicine is offering new hope, and new successes everyday. It is not certain that all of these advances will be available or all - pervading soon, but the path is being paved for more success in sustaining life.

Diabetes is a horrible disease, and while prediabetics may have a chance at combating or preventing Type II with planning, people who have autoimmune diseases that destroy their own organs, and thus are prone to Type I have no chance.

Or so it was, in the past. With this successful transplantation of a damaged liver, pancreas and the kideny, Australian doctors presented a challenge to the realm of diseases.

It is interesting to observe and find out how many such multiple transplants might become possible in the future.

Monday, June 26, 2006

On again, off again, here we go again. Yet another brain and cell phone study...

Or you would think. But to my knowledge, this one is closer to being scientific, and atleast does not raise unwanted alarms without drawing proper conclusions.

I would suggest that there needs to be a unified approach to test the theories of the seeming effects of cell phones on the brains functions.

And, then, there needs to be a unified approach to studying these effects. We know we don't have a cure for brain cancer, or for that matter, much of a cure for most of the diseases that affect the brain. So why risk an entire generation of kids with brain cancer? Especially, now that parents are handing them out to kids for safety and such?

One wonders who will set such a study afoot, and when...